boiler - factorio wiki

Boiler - Factorio Wiki

Dimensions: 2×3

Transfering coal into boilers? :: Factorio New Players

Actually a very good advice! Well, not really. The scenario (total blackout caused by slowed down inserters) is only theoretically possible but would require you to attach about 100 radars to a single steam engine to slow down the inserter enough for the boiler to run out of power (boiler has 390kW power, coal has 8 MJ so you need 1x coal every 20s).

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auto fill - factorio mods

Auto Fill - Factorio Mods

All these keys are configurable in your Factorio - Controls - Mods menu. Hover over an entity in the field and CTRL-F to fill it based on your ruleset! Toggle filling limits on or off with CTRL-SHIFT-F for those times when you want to Fill something without limits. Toggle dividing fuel/ammo amongst groups of items with CTRL-ALT-F

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coal - factorio wiki

Coal - Factorio Wiki

Fuel value: 8 MJ (burner)

How to insert coal into a boiler? :: Factorio General

Factorio > General Discussions > Topic Details. OnlineOne. Apr 21, 2018 @ 4:54pm How to insert coal into a boiler? So I have a bunch of coal lined up on a transport belt, but the inserter won't grab them and put them in the boiler. Ah. Like with ores in smelters, or ingredients in assemblers, Inserters will fill up a few pieces of each item

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power production - factorio wiki

Power production - Factorio Wiki

Steam Engine Power

Way to automatically refill coal (fuel) in roboarms

Burner inserters will automatically refuel themselves with any coal they pick up. With other coal powered buildings, you can use inserters of any type to insert coal into them; just make sure that when placing the inserter, you place it so that the arrow is facing towards the building you want to fill.

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[resolved] inserter to boiler issues - factorio forums

[Resolved] Inserter to Boiler issues - Factorio Forums

2013-2-15 · On the third level in the demo, I'm unable to fill Boilers with coal from a transport belt using either a burner inserter or an inserter. I've tried setting it up in multiple different ways such as shown below, but they still won't fill the boilers.

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make inserters put more than 5 coal in a boiler

Make Inserters put more than 5 coal in a boiler

Hello all, how can I make my inserters put more than 5 coal into a boiler. The issue I'm having is this: I have laser turrets all over, 32 steam engines running on 8 boilers, with 14 accumulators. When the beasties attack my base, the power drops to 0. My accumulators can pick up the slack for a bit, but if the attack lasts for more than a few seconds I have to manually fill my boilers with

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fuel - factorio wiki

Fuel - Factorio Wiki

2020-3-26 · The following formula can be used to find how long a fuel will last in a device: Burn time (s) = Fuel value (MJ) ÷ Energy consumption (MW) Trivia. Though the top speeds given by solid fuel, rocket fuel and nuclear fuel are presented as +5%, +15% and +15% respectively, this …

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