alfa laval - oil/gas-fired steam boiler

Alfa Laval - Oil/gas-fired steam boiler

Alfa Laval has one of the most comprehensive product ranges within marine boilers. Our expertise dates back to 1919 when the first marine boiler was designed at Aalborg Shipyard in Denmark. Boilers on ships are used for supply of steam for various processes such as pumping, heating, cooling, cleaning and hot-water for the accommodation.

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alfa laval - smit combinert

Alfa Laval - Smit Combinert

The Alfa Laval Smit Combined system is a combination of the Alfa Laval Smit Combustion and Alfa Laval Smit Flue Gas systems. The system can operate in two modes, either as a standalone combustion-type system or as a flue gas system utilizing exhaust gas from a boiler.

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alfa laval - industrial boilers

Alfa Laval - Industrial boilers

Efficiency on an industrial scale. For decades, Alfa Laval has developed boiler solutions for a wide range of industries. Today’s Aalborg boilers encompass the most efficient features we have pioneered over the years, along with the latest advances.

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alfa laval - hydrogen production

Alfa Laval - Hydrogen production

Alfa Laval optimizes boiler efficiency by providing maximal heat transfer area in single boilers as well as minimized risk of maldistribution in the gas inlet chamber. Full scope of delivery. Alfa Laval not only can provide the boiler feed water preheaters, waste heat boiler, steam drum and steam superheater.

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alfa laval - cleaning services for aalborg boilers

Alfa Laval - Cleaning Services for Aalborg boilers

Cleaning Services for Aalborg boilers. Your Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler accounts for much of your vessel’s fuel consumption, so even a minor decrease in its heat transfer efficiency has an impact on operating costs. By washing the boiler regularly to remove accumulated soot, you can keep its efficiency at a maximum.

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alfa laval - steam and heat generation

Alfa Laval - Steam and heat generation

Optimized steam production depends not only on the boiler and burner, but also on the control system, that steers them. Alfa Laval Touch Control system ensures safety, fuel efficiency and lower emissions by securing the correct combustion conditions and constantly adjusting the boiler …

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alfa laval - oil and gas

Alfa Laval - Oil and Gas

We develop Alfa Laval technology by listening to you, and by witnessing your challenges first-hand through work in the field. By ensuring that you can depend on our equipment, we ensure that you can depend on your processes. Cooperation that pays off. Working with oil and gas is a long-term journey.

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alfa laval - alfa laval aalborg boiler solutions and

Alfa Laval - Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler solutions and

As Alfa Laval Aalborg boiler solutions celebrate 100 years in the marine industry, they are also leading the way in today’s era of change. With the 2020 sulphur cap rapidly approaching, Alfa Laval is delivering multi-fuel Aalborg boiler solutions and helping customers prepare existing boiler …

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alfa laval - aalborg os

Alfa Laval - Aalborg OS

We recommend the use of Alfa Laval Aalborg oil-fired burners for our Aalborg OS boilers as they are designed and optimised together, the burner forming an integrated part of the boiler. Alfa Laval Aalborg rotary cup burner-Aalborg KBE. The Aalborg KBE rotary cup burner is an optimized, standardized design of Alfa Laval's well-proven Aalborg KB

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alfa laval - cleaning services

Alfa Laval - Cleaning services

In addition to chemical cleaning agents, Alfa Laval also has a range of other chemicals to enhance separator efficiency and chemicals for potable water handling. These are specifically developed for use with our high-speed separators and water desalination plants. How it works. Our experts:

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